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And what if

what the world needs-

and the world is too grand so

i’ll begin-again-with me-

what if

what i need-

and i don’t need

having Water

a Roof

Air in my lungs-

what if

what i want-

for i do want, though i have to practice

the saying of it-

what if, what i want

is a poet who allows us, allows


to witness the salted rains of stormy emotions

as each teardrop falls onto the keyboard,

releasing their Heart

releasing their Brain


my own

-because what if, what

I Want

is proof that i can be more Powerful,

See as clearly,

when i face The World

with tears in My eyes?

And so i’m left with

the gift of

what is

instead of what if.

And what is,

is that the only proof i might ever have

is the Words i type

and the tears i allow to fall as my

keyboard clacks and

I Write On…