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This is all about Light and Dark.  This is all about Starstuff- the gaps that allow light to shine through. This is all about Words.  This is my Journey.  This is my beginning, again, until my next beginning.  This is my weapon against the “old tug at my ankles” that Mary Oliver writes of.  This is my reminder to myself of myself.

“I too am not a bit tamed, I too am untranslatable…I sound my barbaric YAWP over the roofs of the world” -Walt Whitman

This is my barbaric yawp.  This is me using my wild, trembling voice.  This is me saving myself through metaphor, through storytelling, through the lovely, messy vine-tangle of Words.  This is me returning to a Truth of mine that has been buried underneath hospital gauze and Labels and Intense Sensitivity.

“Everybody will get their wants, when they heartily want.”
-Santosh Kawlar

This is my Hearty Wants List.  This is my road map to my Essence, my Self undistilled.  This is my declaration of my Sarahness.  This is my Opposite Action to shame.

“PHOSPHORESCENCE. Now there’s a word to lift your hat to… to find that phosphorescence, that light within, that’s the genius behind poetry.” -Emily Dickinson

This is my Manifesto.  And that is this:

I want to find my Phosphorescence, my marine Glow that penetrates even the blackest of Darks, my Light Within, and hold it tight, and let it shine inwardly so that it may reflect out into the world.