“I have everything I need” echoes through the lacey green forest, the trees and the ferns, the lichen and moss; rain water, sunlight, space to spread, no want of cable, BMWs, designer clothes-rooted and firm, yet constantly reaching upward.  A balance of steadiness and flexibility, a promise of taking only what is required and giving back what is possible.

Why can it be so hard for us to realize we have what we need, to be grateful for roofs and meals and instead to want more and more? Why are we sometimes to determined to bypass the simple joys, the basic necessities?

It isn’t that we have brains that are capable of thought, and the forest system does not. Human children have neural networks, and in my experience working with them I have witnessed great capacity for the appreciation of small things, for excitement and curiosity in details with no need to expand to bigger or better.

It took me nearly dying, but I have started trying to stop each day and acknowledge that I have air, water, food, shelter, loving family and friends; I don’t want for anything.  Of course there are things I still wish I had (put me in a bookstore and it is nearly impossible for me to leave without something), but I wish for them differently, with the knowledge that I am lucky without them and don’t NEED anything.

With so many people in this world who do, it’s time to let the forest be an example.  Take what you TRULY need, give back what you can, and be grateful when you have your basics met and wants beyond.