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and in the midst of it all

an egg shell, furiously turquoise against the pavement and

startlingly fragile next to the city’s leftovers-empty beer bottles and 

limp take-out wrappers that echo of last night’s 

stumbling and slurred chatter

a bird egg that, when spotted,

interrupts the internal dialogue for a moment, 

breaks through the tangled thoughts with its

cracked simplicity,

gives voice to hope, to

beginnings and

first flights, 

says in-between the rush and the rumble

there is always a

speckled pause-

a small and unexpected reminder of

life beyond meetings and bills and the

thick thoughts that crowd,

life that exists in

the details that can be found on the cracked sidewalk,

in the streaks of the morning sun,

in the midst of it all.

#mindfulness  #DBT_MF